Diversified Crypto Fund
Invest In Blockchain Economy

CryptoDime provides an opportunity for investors looking for the
simplest way to get into the decentralised economy.

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Public Token Sale has been cancelled as the hard cap was successfully reached.


A crypto fund that will use the funding to buy the underlying crypto assets. Full blockchain transparency.
No broker fees, no exit fees, no minimum investment and full control over your assets.

Blockchain Technology

For investors, CryptoDime is a chance to enter the crypto investment business with minimal funds and make money on the technologies that are used by all modern hedge funds.

Ease & Simplicity

It can be difficult to purchase and securely store a variety of crypto assets. CryptoDime eliminates this complexity for the new crypto investor. Purchase an array of crypto assets at once in seconds.

Fund Performance

CryptoDime provides a way to track the performance of crypto markets as a whole by holding a single crypto asset. Index funds have consistently beaten the average managed funds in past.

Can you beat the cryptocurrency market?

Do you think you can beat the cryptocurrency market? If yes, then this is your chance to prove it and win cash prize upto $10000 every week.

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