Our Projects

Our Upcoming Projects

Crypto Casino

We dream about the gambling world where players win or lose because of their skill or luck – not because of someone’s will. To achieve this, we planned an innovative idea to improve existing casino games with blockchain technology and we are planning to launch the first Fully Transparent Casino in the World which accepts 1000+ altcoins including premium offers & priority access for CrytoDime token holders. This ensures the best gambling experience ever.

Crypto Exchange

We are planning to launch our own decentralized exchange which will allow our members to trade 1000+ altcoins. Some cryptocurrency exchanges store their private keys on centralized servers and thus it is a potential security risk for users’ funds. Coins or private keys will not be stored on any of our centralized servers, which greatly reduces the chance that users’ coins get compromised.

Crypto Social Network

Social network platform to be built exclusively for crypto traders. More details will be revealed soon.